What We Do

ProMed Logistics is the premier medical courier for the state of Nebraska. Based in Lincoln, with offices in Omaha and 24 hour on call couriers in Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island, Hastings, and Kearney, our goal is to eliminate the hassle of transporting supplies so you can worry about caring for your patients. Medical records, surgical, durable medical, radiology, home infusion, lab, home health equipment, and pharmaceuticals are just the tip of the iceberg. Our drivers have the knowledge, training, and personal touch to provide a cost effective solution to all your needs. So don’t stress, call ProMed Logistics for the best answer to your healthcare transport problems.

Highly Trained

Our drivers are some of the highest trained in the industry with the ability to carry everything from medical records to highly regulated UN2814 Category A specimens but also to set up and instruct patients on use of equipment. We also train drivers regularly on HIPAA regulations in depth. Our drivers understand patient confidentiality and we make sure every ProMed Logistics driver hits the road with a comprehensive understanding of their duties in any capacity..

Many of our drivers are trained on:

  • Packaging and shipping division 6.2 materials covering UN2814
  • Enteral pump set up and instruct with patients
  • Oxygen set up and instruct with patients
  • Durable medical/home health medical set up and instruct with patients

Details are the crux of proper healthcare transport; that’s why we take the time to ensure we get them right every time.


Our 7 part customer service training highlights all areas of interaction to ensure we treat each situation with professionalism. We perform to your expectation or you pay nothing.


Unfortunately, things can always go awry. When that happens, our drivers/dispatchers communicate with you and your client immediately to get any delivery back on track.


Our dispatchers are logistic experts in getting your cargo routed the best possible way to save time and money but most importantly to meet your patients’ needs.