Medical Courier Myths Debunked, Part One

When you’re considering your courier opportunities, concerns can arise about whether or not using a medical courier is right for your institution. That’s okay—it’s important to research all your options thoroughly before coming to the solution that’s best for you,...

Drones: The Couriers of the Future?

Drones have been used to do everything from taking aerial photos to delivering Amazon items, but how would you feel about sending a lab sample across town via drone? That reality may be nearer than we’d like to think. Using drone technology to deliver medical supplies...

Vetting Your Courier’s Fleet

There’s plenty of ways to transport medical supplied from point A to point B. To make sure your supplies, samples and records get where you need them to in the most efficient possible way, you should take certain aspects of your courier’s business into account, one of...

What’s a Medical Courier?

The healthcare industry is a vast and confusing mixture of moving parts. Typically, the word “healthcare” conjures images of doctors, nurses and surgeons in a daytime drama setting, but there are other important aspects of the medical industry that don’t resemble...


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