$12 – Two hour maximum from time items are ready for pickup.

  • All deliveries must be paid for prior to pickup.
  • Delivery within the Lincoln city limits only.
  • Outside of city limits, call 402-432-2277 for pricing.
  • Delivery from 8am to 9pm only. Delivery available 7 days a week.
  • For any issues, questions or comments, please call dispatch at 402-432-2277 (8am – 5pm) or email dispatch@promedmidwest.com
  • It is a violation to open or tamper with a package in any way other than to make delivery. We will not open package at any time, for any reason upon pickup or delivery.
  • Your printed or signed name is verification that the delivery has been received. If you wish us to leave package, please make note of where.