Who We Serve

ProMed Logistics is proud to serve a wide variety of medical industries. We service: Hospitals. Infusion, Retail, Specialty and LTC Pharmacy. Human and Animal lab. Home Health. Surgical Equipment. Blood banks. Medical and Mental Health Clinics. Acute Care, Long Term Care, and Hospice Clinics. Out Patient Surgery Centers and Specialty Clinics.

We carry everything: lab, durable medical equipment, oxygen, enteral pump, hospital bed set up, long term care pharmacy, infusion care home delivery, surgical equipment, hospital delivery, medical clinics, and retail pharmacy and all the set up or patient instruction involved can be done with ProMed Logistics. Select drivers are trained by the State of Nebraska on UN2814 Category A. We will handle confirmed or non confirmed. We are your only choice for complete full coverage of lab delivery.

Drivers and dispatchers are on call 247 for any need, anywhere you need it to go whenever you need it to be there.

What We Carry

ProMed Logistics only employs drivers who meet all necessary training requirements to be able to transport: histology samples, lab equipment, hazardous materials, pharmaceuticals, specialty medications, long term care medications, surgical equipment, medical records, and more.

We do all we can to ensure the safety and timeliness of your healthcare transportation needs on every trip.

Medical Carts

ProMed Logistics is the regional expert in servicing and selling refurbished Avalo med carts of all types for LTC pharmacies as well as nursing facilities who need an extra cart but don’t want to pay for a brand new one. Our carts are stripped down to frame, inspected, broken parts replaced, tested, then reassembled. Carts are completely cleaned and sanitized.

Advanced Technology

Our electronic software is unique from any other courier in the area. It continually impresses our clients with its functionality regarding delivery. Everything starts with our dispatchers. Whether a client inputs a delivery into our system electronically or gives us a call, dispatchers are available 24/7 so clients always encounter a real live person, not a robot. Dispatchers then send electronic instructions to a driver in the field via their mobile device who confirms pickup, delivery, and all necessary signatures. Dispatchers follow the delivery from beginning to end. Clients have the ability to watch the driver’s progress as they follow their route in real time. GPS enables an icon to follow our drivers as they approach their destination so there’s no confusion regarding delivery times or item locations. Drivers can snap a photo at pickup or delivery and attach it to a delivery ticket which is automatically emailed to clients after their items are dropped off; that ticket holds the details of the item’s entire delivery process including who signed for it, when, and where.

Our software also has great functionality available for clients who want to review our services. All current and past deliveries through ProMed Logistics and the corresponding invoices are available at every client’s fingertips. The software can also run performance reports showing the accuracy rates of our deliveries based on the necessary time parameters for each one. No matter what information is needed for delivery records, it’s available through our electronic software.